Art as such has fascinated me for a long time. I like different paintings, but I’ve never been into painting. I thought I couldn’t paint. But when drawing mandalas it’s different, I feel good about myself. It calms me, I feel freedom, unfettered freedom and a feeling of joy that fills me. I’m fascinated by the fact that I never know when I will start drawing a mandala what it will look like in the final. It is an experience for me to watch the birth of the mandala itself and also how it affects me. Each mandala heals the one to whom it is addressed and also the one who draws it. I have been interested in spirituality since I was a child, I actively dealt with it a few years ago, I healed the energies of myself and others. I deal with it even now, but rather for the needs of myself and my family. As part of the clergy, about a year ago (2019) I was approached by mandalas, which, even without working with a client, help him on his way through life. So I went to the course, I knew I couldn’t miss it. It was a really amazing experience. I drew my personal mandala there and have been drawing ever since. The feeling of joy and fulfillment from work is liberating for me. That is why I want to continue.

Paint for friends and acquaintances, for birthdays, name days, anniversaries as a personal, original and unique gift. Helping, distributing joy in the form of my paintings, which heal and, last but not least, fulfill an ornamental function, beautify our homes.

That’s why my site was created. I felt I had to move on and share it with you.

With love, Lucia