My name is Lucia. I graduated in social work and worked for several years in local and state administration. A few years ago I felt that I needed a change and I have been fascinated by art as such for a long time. I like different kinds of paintings, but I have never really looked into painting. I thought I didn’t know how to paint. But when I draw mandalas it’s different, I feel good about myself. It calms me down, I feel freedom, unbridled freedom and a sense of joy that fills me up. Time passes somehow quickly, I don’t feel hungry or thirsty. What fascinates me is that I never know when I start a mandala what it will look like in the final piece. It’s an experience for me to watch the birth of the mandala itself and also how it affects me. Each mandala heals the one it is meant for and also the one who draws it. I’ve been interested in spirituality since I was a young child, and was actively involved in it for several years back, healing myself and others energetically. I am still involved in it now, but more for the sake of myself and my family. In 2019, mandalas appealed to me, which even without working with the client, help them on their journey through life, harmonizing their whole personality. So I went on the course, I knew I couldn’t miss it. It was a really wonderful experience for me. I drew my personal mandala there and I have been drawing ever since. The feeling of joy and fulfillment I get from the work is liberating. That’s why I want to keep doing it. To paint for friends and acquaintances, for birthdays, birthdays, anniversaries as a personal, original and unique gift. Mandalas personal, partner, family and corporate. Recently I have also started painting angels, mostly on canvas but also wood, textiles and leather. I like to give out joy in the form of my paintings, which not only heal, but also fulfill an ornamental function, beautifying our homes. That is why my website was created and why I paint.

With love Lucia