The word mandala comes from the Indian word “Sanskrit” and means “circle – center”. And indeed, the motif of the circle has fascinated humanity since time immemorial and appears all around us. The universe itself is a mandala, just as a circle has neither a beginning nor the end, and its origin is not specified for us. Therefore, the mandala as a symbol of infinity (neither the end nor the beginning is specific) is a fairly precise definition. In addition to the circular principle of the mandala, we can briefly describe it as a formation with a fixed center, around which the other elements rotate in harmony and with precise order. In the mandala, these elements are formed by regular symbols in an often symmetrical arrangement.

Proof that the mandala has its origin in the very origin of the universe is the very arrangement of the planets and each cell of the individual. All we have to do is watch the spider create a cobweb – a mandala. Let’s look at the stump of the tree, where the annual rings are visible. We throw the stone into the water and observe the concentric circles that form on the water surface. And we can go on like this indefinitely. Therefore, the mandala is older than humanity itself, as a universe whose boundaries we are unable to capture, just as a circle has no beginning or end.

Mandalas are all around us. Let’s look carefully into our own eye. It’s not just the pupil, the iris and the whites around. It is the mandala itself, it is the expression of our soul. Each iris has its own specific color, structure and shape. It is composed of small scales connected into interesting shapes. Diseases can be read from the eyes (iris diagnosis), a person’s condition (love, anxiety, sadness, joy, happiness) and the eyes themselves can even heal. The mandala is exactly the same and much more. Mandalas reflect the origin of forms in our world, they reflect nature and at the same time our essence. They speak to us on a level that we cannot reasonably grasp. But we can feel it, and mandalas speak to our souls. Every shape and every color affects us and opens the door for us on the way to ourselves, to their essence. Mandalas have a gentle but at the same time strongly harmonizing effect.

I devote myself in painting these circular Gems. Each mandala consists of 4 layers that are interconnected. Each layer has its own specific meaning. The inner 3 layers show a person’s energies on a physical, mental and spiritual level. The fourth layer is our life number. The fifth number is the background colour – it is the environment in which we live our life’s challenges. The colour of the mandala itself is not accidental or intuitive. I calculate the individual layers of the mandala on the basis of the name, surname and date of the birth, everything has its meaning and forms one complete whole. Therefore, each mandala is unique, original and tailor-made.


The function of the mandala, especially the personal one, is to harmonize our entire personality, it acts as a means of concentration, it helps to improve memory, it calms the mind. The mandala operates on a subconscious level. All you have to do is look in the middle of it and let yourself be drawn into it. Everything that comes to mind then means that the mandala has spoken to us.


By the same principle, I calculate the family and partner mandala, where the partner mandala intensively connects both partners on a conscious and subconscious level and helps to achieve mutual equality in the relationship.

All family members are connected in the family mandala (here I need the names, surnames and dates of birth of all family members)

I have my own photo gallery of mandalas on this site and I believe that you will be captivated just like me and maybe you will decide for your mandala. These in the gallery already belong to someone, but I will be happy to draw you a personal, partner or family and you will please yourself or someone close to you.

Size according to your wishes from 20 x 20 cm up to 100 x 100 cm and the price depends on the size and complexity of the mandala.